Sunday, March 29, 2009

Country Fair-New Scripts from Cancer Moon Creations

Brand New Script Series From Cancer Moon Creations
At the Fair
Available at

The series includes the following 10 scripts.
You just have to see them to see how YUMMY they look!

CMC Apple-Candy Apple Script

1 script makes an apple and a candy apple - your choice of candy color

Also - a bonus script - square sprinkles which makes nuts
Or sprinkles for your candy apple.

CMC Corn Dog Script

Looks good enough to eat !!!
A corn dog that reminds you of the fair
Try it with some Mustard or ketchup.... Yum

CMC Cotton Candy Script

A fun script that makes cotton candy - yuuummmmm

CMC Hot Dog Script

Makes a hot dog just like you get at the fair
Kinda makes you hungry doesn't it :)

CMC Ice Cream Script

Creates an old fashioned ice cream cone

Make your favorite flavor.

2 Cone Textures included

CMC Popcorn Script

Makes a box of popcorn.
This script is fun to watch - like watching the popcorn pop !!!
And when its completethe layers are left in tact so you can move things around or use a popcorn kernel for anything you want.
Have fun with this one.

CMC Pretzel 2 Script

Creates a cute little pretzel with salt and everything.

CMC Snow Cone Script

Makes a fun and delicious snow cone just like at the fair.

CMC Squirt Bottle Script

Makes a squirt bottle- your choice - ketchup or mustard
Or any other color really.

And just for fun the script continues to squirt out
Some mustard or ketchup for you :)

CMC Vendor Cart Script

Creates a cute vendor cart with a striped awning
& an outline for a sign or some lettering

Again check it out at

Monday, March 23, 2009

Freebie Purple Passion Frames

I love purple and shades of purple. You can download these frames here

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Reward Ladder

I just joined reward ladder. A friend invited me. I would like to invite you to join.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Coming Tomorrow

Some time during the day tomorrow March 15th I will have posted the Cancer Moon Creative Teams Easter Contest information and the link to those members blogs who are participating. I hope you all have fun with this contest. We are looking forward to seeing your Easter Tag entries. Good luck to all who enter. Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Scripts by DBeeDezines

I have joined Deb's De Bee Dezines CT. She has some awesome scripts. Thanks Deb for haveing me on your creative team and for the awesome scripts that I get to test for you.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Litterbox Creations Ct Challenge

On the left is my youngest grandson, Drake. On the right is my oldest grandson Joshua.

Josh will be 10 in June. He's in the fourth grade. He has always been on the honor roll. When he was younger, he used to like to get his picture taken. He would ham it up for the camera. When he had had enough he would put his hand on his forehead and say "No more pictures please". He still likes to ham it up for the camera. He likes to take pictures to.

Josh is the quiet one. He would rather be inside reading thank outside playing. This past summer he was outside alot. We spent a lot of time in my neighbors pool. He loved being in the pool and playing with my neighbors 2 sons.

When Josh was younger his nick name was "Boogie". I gave him that nick name because he liked to be held and danced around the room. He liked to dance standing on your feet. He still dances on occassion but mostly now he likes to listen to music on his mp3 player.

Drake will be 5 in September. He is always looking for something to get into, even things he knows he shouldn't be. His only quiet times is when he is coloring. He loves to color things he has drawn. He tapes his pictures on the wall, gives the to Nana(me) or to Pops (Dale) or to his Mom (Nicki my our Daughter). He also gives them to my neighbor Elesa. Mine and Pop's pictures he tells me to take home and put on the fridge. I do. My fridge will soon be out of space to put them.

Drake loves to be outside no matter what the tempture or weather. He likes to explore his surroundings and ask how things work. When he can he loves to hang out with Pops outside. He loves to go on walks and look at things he sees along the way. Drake also likes books and likes for you to read to him.

Drakes nick name was munchie. I gave him this nick name because when he was born he was so sick that we almost lost him twice. Before he was 3 months old he had to have surgery on his stomach. His food wasn't going into his stomach. He wasnt able to keep his formula down. They had to make an opening for his food to go into his stomach. After the surgery he as fast as he could and all that we would give him. No his nick name is "Little Man". I chose this one because he thinks he's he boss
and will try and tell you what to do.

Like most siblings they love each other but fight and make up just a few minutes after fighting.

I also have a step grandson, Brett who is 12 and a step grand-daughter Keydance who is a little over 6 months old. They are no different than Josh and Drake. I consider them my grand children as if they were my real grand children. I love them all.

And there you have. My pride and joy.

creative team members